10/30- Missed a StitchMature

I suppose I should mention some really important things that happened to me this past week before I launch off into the next month. 

Last weekend I went down to Sacramento to race the Head of the American regatta. I rowed my double with Rook and coxed the boys + Rook four. All I can say is neither race went very well, but the trip was somewhat fun. I mean, there's nothing like the nerves of racing and laying with all of your team mates in a massive pile on the wet ground way too early in the morning. Despite all the fun I had with my team, I think I had more awful moments than I had happy moments. 

What I also failed to mention earlier was that two weekends ago was Homecoming. Of course, I only went to the football game because of pep band (which we one). I didn't even go to the dance. Instead I hung out with my friends at Rook's house. We made nachos, Isaiah broke kosher, played card games and watched V for Vendetta. It was a wonderful night. 

The rest of last week was school, college apps and boat loading. I feel like there's not much more to say.

As for today, I knit and knit and knit. I took a test in Precalc which I feel good about, but otherwise, I did the school. (I also figured out my really late notice hobbit costume which is awesome.)

That is all.

The End

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