10/22- Sleepy SleepyMature

I'm not even going to pretend I'm not really behind. I'm not even going to pretend this week was uneventful. I'm even going so far as to not pretending to be on top of things, but instead actually admitting I can get a fair bit lazy. 

The truth is, this past week has been filled with crazy stories and I have been too busy and much too lazy to write them down. For instance I created a whole stop-motion how-to video speaking in Chinese today for my Chinese 4 project, yet I still managed to break my laziness and start writing. Obviously taking a little time to jot down some of key moments was possible, I just chose not to do it.

Well, let's see, where to start?

I'll first begin by saying that last week was homecoming week, and therefore, spirit week. Monday was twin day which I did not dress up for. All I can say about that day was that I had a bad row and was very disoriented. 

Tuesday was superhero day which I also did not dress up for. I slept in, worked with kids, did the Chinese and briefly played ping-pong at Chinese club. After school I had a fabulous row in the first quad I had rowed all season. We rowed three ten minute pieces and in the third one, our girls quad beat the men's quad. 

Wednesday was pajama day which I dressed up for in my big bright pink "forever lazy". In AP Lit we read a scene in Hamlet by acting out various versions/personalities of Hamlet, such as shy Hamlet, angry Hamlet, emo Hamlet, drug addled Hamlet, goth Ophelia etc. It was hilarious. Then in PreCalc I took a test I had not studied for. Despite not knowing how to go about solving the problems right away, I felt fairly confident with it. I then ate in the fiber arts room for "knit-wits" and was greatly disappointed by the lack of sandwich in my lunch. At crew, Rook and I had a nice easy row. 

Thursday was school colors day which I appropriately wore my band t-shirt on. After a homecoming assembly filled with teacher dances, homecoming court skits and spirited class cheers, I went to the elementary school. There I worked with some kids on their writing. I ate lunch with good friends on the lawn, went to Chinese, and finally set up for the homecoming parade. Of course, I had to march all through town while playing my clarinet while everyone else got to ride on floats. It just so happened to be a hot day too. 

I was exhausted by the end of it, but it wasn't long before I had to board the bus to the lake for a 5,000 meter erg piece. Even though I felt tired and nauseous during the warm up, I still did the piece. The first half I felt fine, but come the second half, and I was nearly falling over from exhaustion. Never before had I felt so completely drained of my energy. Still I was determined to finish, so going at a slow 24/25 strokes per minute I managed to finish with a 2:21 split. 

I cried at the end I was so disappointed. I sat on the floor and my world spun around me. I felt disoriented and sick and my head felt like it was running out of my skull. For the first time in what seems like forever I felt like I had to puke. My body tingled. I lay down for awhile and hoped the spell would pass. That night I was hoping to get lots of rest, but to my disappointment I realized I had a ton of busywork Econ homework to do. I cried. I finished. I cried. I fell asleep 

The End

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