10/12- QuackMature

This morning we packed up and piled in the car. I couldn't find my iPod however, so I was a bit panicked. After searching all my bags and the seats of the car, I gave it up and we left for my cousin's favorite breakfast place.

Unfortunately it didn't open until 7:30 and we got there around 7:10 so we had to wait around until it opened. During this time I found my iPod in my mother's bag and my cousin explained how I looked like her when she was my age. Finally, restaurant opened and we were let in. We quickly ordered our meals, and watched as the little ornaments connected to the door by strings seemed to levitate. After we finished our meals, we said our goodbyes and went on our way. 

We then drove down to Eugene to visit U of O. My mother went into a bit of panic when we got there because she forgot to print out the conformation email they sent us. We didn't know where we were supposed to go to or by what time. We ended up having a student sign us onto his wifi password and then searching for the email that way. Fortunately the tour didn't start for twenty minutes, so we were on time. We also, apparently, missed the information session, which I was happy about. 

There were a lot more students touring U of O than any other school. Five groups of twenty wandered around, admiring the school's huge campus. I personally felt lost in the massive campus, intimidated by its size. I was impressed by its programs but, after viewing the whole school, I was disappointed. It was obviously my mother's top pick and the cheapest of the four, but it was my second least  favorite next to PSU. 

After eating a delicious Thai meal, we drove back home with more things to consider than when we had came with. I was in a bit of a puzzle. 

The End

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