10/10- Cashing the RewardsMature

Today my mother and I left for a college touring road trip. On the way up north we stopped at a massive goodwill store just for fun. I ended up buying a suede coat, two pairs of shoes and another leather jacket. Being a cheep shopper, I was extremely happy to come out of the goodwill with used clothes that were not only good looking but also practical. We then stopped by an old-timey diner the gas attendant at Costco recommended to us. The lunch was not only delicious, but tacky in a fun way. 

Anyway the minor detours were worth being late to our tour at Pacific.

When we got there we were already pretty much an hour late to our scheduled tour. Partly because of the detours and partly also because our new GPS system is good for nothing. In any case, we were able to walk through the campus and find the cute admissions house. There we spoke with the admissions counselor for an hour. She was friendly and chatty, and I felt sad we had to leave for another appointment. Immediately I felt attached to the school. 

We then drove to Portland just in time to make our 6:30 reservation to this fancy restaurant called A Cena. The abridged story as to the reason of our coming here is that three years ago my mother helped the chef win a cooking contest. This year, my mother also met the sous-chef. Last night my mother remembered they had their restaurant up in Portland and that the chef was indebted to her. She sent the emails, and after three years, we cashed in the reward.

Fortunately we had changed into nice clothes before entering. On either side of us, braceleted upper class couples sipped red wine and talked about business opportunities. At first we felt out of place, but then the chef came out. He hugged my mother and they talked for a bit. In the end he offered us this super fancy mushroom appetizer free of charge. Our main dishes were even more delicious. In the end, the chef and sous chef came out again to talk to us and gave us local lamb bacon. It was a fabulous meal (although not entirely free), and while the rich couples drank their wine, my mother and I got special attention from the chefs.

We then checked in for the night in our fancy hotel. The room was huge, and after relaxing in the jacuzzi, we retired to our massive beds. 

The End

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