10/9- Misplaced OdditiesMature

This morning my mother was kind enough to take me to school. 

My first class being advisory, I went straight to my new advisory class. After three years of holding my breath and gagging to the smell of marijuana, after three years of tolerating Nevin's boastful, know-it-all personality, after three years of not getting anything done in advisory, Anastasia and I decided it was time to switch advisory classes.

We both ended up in the Spanish teacher's advisory. Fortunately there weren't any students who smoked heavy amounts of pot in the class, and Anastasia and I were left pretty much to ourselves. I did my Chinese homework in good time and was fairly content until I remembered I forgot the key to my bike lock. 

Since I left my bike at the school overnight, I was planning on using it to get to and from the elementary school after advisory and then ride it home after school was out. I was put into a bit of panic. However, after I called my mom, she was kind enough to drop me off at the elementary school, grab my bike key from home, and pick me up again to take me back to school. Anyway, I owe her big. 

During my time at the elementary school, I ended up coming during the tail end of my class' recess. As I walked with the kids back to their rooms, I had five kids cling on to me. It made it especially hard for me to walk when they purposefully stepped on my shoes. One girl got annoyed that another girl stole her spot at my back. At the classroom, I had to shake them all off and told them to go back to their seats. 

It was no surprise to me that during reading time, I had nearly ten kids who all wanted to read to me. Fortunately three of them all had the same book so they took turns being different characters, and so the fight for Alison was settled by the "Three Little Pigs".  

After my mom dropped me back to school, I had lunch with Bolt and Jane. We ate in the bleachers and listened anxiously to a loudly creaking door. We discussed horror films, childhood selves and rats driving lawn mowers. 

In Chinese we got into two circles and played what I will only describe as musical "partners". Once we got our partners we then commanded each other to do random tasks using a certain sentence structure. By the end of the activity, shoes were on desks, backpacks were on other student's shoulders and teacher's computers were on the floor. After we cleaned up the room we continued the lesson sitting on the floor, since all the desks were moved aside anyway. 

Since we have conferences Thursday and Friday, Chinese was my last class of the week. I celebrated by going to the gym and working out with Rook and Kelly. I then rode my bike home, legs already burning from the workout, and wrote wrote wrote on my novel. 

The End

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