10/2- The Curious Account of the Day I was Armed with only Leather Gloves and a PencilMature

Although yesterday and the day before were both quite eventful, I will refrain from burdening you with tales of 5k erg pieces and conversations on dream careers with children. I'm much too lazy to write about all of that and you're much too intrigued by my title to care. 

No, instead I will tell of the exciting adventures I had today. 

I went to school with a backpack full of textbooks and a drawstring bag with my workout clothes. My first class was AP Lit, but since we were walking up to the university's library today, I left my bag in the room. I thought I heard the teacher say to leave our bags in the classroom, but apparently everyone else got a different message. 

So I began the day bringing only my leather gloves to warm my hands from the nipping cold. 

In the library we were supposed to be looking up articles on our research books. We extensively searched the university's databases, but never got time to actually search for those articles. I wasn't quite sure if the time we spent there was useful or not, but during that time, Jaclyn gave me her standard #2 pencil. 

A useful gift, to be sure, for as I got back to classroom just after the second period bell rang, I realized Ms. Heksley would not be coming back to unlock the door to her classroom, leaving my bags locked inside. I walked to my PreCalc class late with Jace, and apologized for having told him to leave his soccer bag in the class. At least he had his homework with him.

Mr. Weber was understanding. Although most people are terrified of the German math teacher, I've learned that he's a really cool teacher, and is especially nice to those who actually want to learn. I began working on the problems on a scratch piece of paper, using my fingers for larger arithmetic like a first grader. It turns out I didn't even need anything but a pencil, so I went away from class feeling accomplished and unburdened.

I was able to break into Ms. Heksley's class for my lunch so I went with Bolt, Julius and Jane to  the coffee shop with something to eat. We discussed sports and the terror of hummingbirds. I left lunch feeling happy with a 12 oz. caramel steamer warming my innards and a number of good friends to say farewell to. 

Well, Econ was more boring than eating a plain rice cake while watching televised NASCAR. 

In band I squeaked possibly twenty times before I broke out a new reed. 

After working out in the weight room with Rook, I left all of my stuff in my locker, including the gloves and pencil. I walked with her to her house where my bike was temporarily stored. The ride home was long and tiring, but at least I was alleviated from the weight of my backpack.

Once I got home I drank two full glasses of water, which concludes my exciting day. 

I know, I know.  This story was almost too inspiring and filled with intriguing plot. A curious day indeed. 

The End

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