9/27- Aint Nuthin but a Tutti FruttiMature

Oh glorious Fridays! 

I slept in until eight today. I was the last to leave the house, just before ten. After a warm bowl of oatmeal with blueberries, I rode my bike down to the elementary school. I got there early and was shown around the copy room while the kids played at recess. During class, I helped the kids finish their parent letters and their Friday folders. One kid seemed to be dyslexic and kept writing everything backwards. However even she finished her assignments before the two boys who seemed to have ADHD and couldn't sit still for a second. 

One of the hyperactive boys reminds me a lot of one of my main characters in my novel. I think I'll pay attention to him more. 

I also found it really cute when this soft-spoken 6-year-old boy told me about how do make a good drink. He was so excited to share his "how-to" on making the perfect watered down apple juice, that he told me twice. I thought the whole time he was talking that he might fall asleep right in the middle of his story. 

Coming back to school I realized I forgot the key to my bike lock, so I sort of stashed it against the most hidden bike rack and hoped for the best. I was kind of paranoid someone would steal it but was too lazy to do anything about it.

At lunch I found Jane and Anastasia and sat with them in the bleachers where we talked about how none of us are ever going to get our dream boyfriends or really any boyfriend in general and how that's okay because we're the nerdy seniors who sit in the bleachers and don't like all that mushy gushy stuff anyway. Dying alone. 

In Chinese we watched Jet Li's first movie which was pretty much just all out bad ass kungfu. 

Soon I had creative writing club where four new kids showed. Jaclyn also brought candy incentive which was pretty much worth coming alone. We worked on character development, and despite the awkward transitions, I felt it was a fairly productive meeting. 

At crew Rook and I really only got half an hour of workout in, but during that short amount of time, we had a good row in a sort of crappy boat. 

I then left crew early in order to get to the football game for pep band. Fortunately my bike was still at the school and I remembered to bring a long sleeve shirt to wear under my band t-shirt so all was well. After playing the "banner" and the "fight song" we set up at the bleachers and began playing for the game against the Springfield millers. 

This was the game for first place, so the energy was really high today. Our old tuba player who graduated last year joined us and brought back a lot of the....excitement....that we lost when he left. Mr. Charles' wife also joined us (who also happens to be a band director for a different school) and played trumpet behind me. When she heard the band shouting our chants for "Tutti Frutti" and "Dragon" she was astonished. 

"Aint nuthin but a tutti frutti so get on the floor IF YOU GOT THAT BOOTY!"

"Do they know what you're saying?" Mrs. Charles asks in horror, not believing that the school would let us shout such silly high school things. 

At the third quarter, my dad took my bike and went to sit on the rival team's bleachers. After an exciting game our team won, taking first place. My dad said that the Springfieldians were kind of rude, but that's understandable. We only stole their glory.

After that I had the band sleepover. We ate junk food, played a quick name game, mafia and band hunger games. Our version of hunger games was pretty much just dodge ball with some minor differences. First, you could use the entire building (two gyms and a maze of hallways, stairs and team rooms), there was minimal lighting, you had a partner from your "district" and there was Capital interference. We ended up playing twice, and both times I was in a team like district 1 and 2, ruthless and smart. We teamed up and hoarded the balls at the "cornucopia", chasing after weaklings, but we none-the-less died in the end, losing to the ones who hid. 

After watching part of the 90's movie "Space Jam", I went to sleep. 

Yeah, I'm that band nerd who will sacrifice a stupid high school relationship for actual fun. 

The End

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