9/25-26- My Inner Altruistic PirateMature

Not much happened yesterday except that at my first grade class I read to the kids after they got their pictures done for picture day. I instantly became a magnet and I must have had seven kids on top of me, all trying to see the pictures of this tiny "Magic School Bus" book about teeth. After that I helped them with their writing and then it was time for lunch. 

At lunch I observed an interesting relationship between two girls who I assumed were best friends. One was trying to bully the other into giving her her food and pestering her with pokes and prods. Instead of being tolerant, however, her friend was firm and said "stop" and did not share her food when she didn't want to. They were otherwise very friendly toward each other. 

I then rode my bike back to school in the rain which got the butt and thighs of my jeans all wet, making it extremely uncomfortable for me the rest of the day. I had a semi-productive band leadership meeting and watched more military videos in Chinese. I learned the various words for "stupid" and doodled in my binder. 

After working out a bit in the weight room with beastie sophomore Kelly, I rode my bike back home in the rain. After putting on my coziest clothes I settled down and scheduled college visits, ate food, did some homework, and went to bed.

Today was a little different.

I spent lunch with the majority of the Nordic Ski team up in the art room. We joked and caught up, telling tales of rowing, running, cycling, and most importantly, cross country skiing and all other silly Nordic activities. Collette got out her ukulele and played around a bit after I asked her to serenade us. The best part was that the whole group consisted of my favorite people. I left lunch slightly hungry, but contended and full emotionally.

In Econ, we did this activity where we acted as buyers and sellers and had to somehow make money. I ended up losing seven dollars in total (which was a lot considering we were buying and selling around the 2-7 dollar range). At least I helped one guy gain the most money (14 dollars) which yearned him (mega) extra credit. I consider myself as more of a charitable humanitarian than a sucker. 

At crew I had an okay practice on the water, but afterwards, Rook noticed something buried in the shore. We set down our oars and went after the shiny red thing buried in the mud with sticks and stones, excitedly digging it out like pirates digging up treasure. It ended up being a red metal water bottle caked with dried mud. We cleaned it off, and I put a piece of tape on it that said LAKE TREASURE. I then set it up in an obscure place in the boathouse. 

That dirty water bottle was one of the most exciting parts of my week. I really did feel like a pirate. 

The End

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