9/24- Broken Glass and Broken EgosMature


My morning began when someone dropped their glass bottle in AP Lit. It shattered under my table and the teacher had to call the custodian to come clean it up. Apparently the school doesn't fit the classrooms with brooms or dustpans, and my teacher wasn't even going to consider using her books. 

I hate when people drink out of glass jars. 

Firstly, it's hazardous. As one can see from what just happened, a mason jar filled with hot liquid is probably not the best thing to carry around. One slip, and you've got a trip to the hospital. It might not be so severe as that, but glass breaks easily and is sharp. Not a good combination to carry around a school full of premature young hooligans. 

Secondly, a mason jar is a worthless liquid container. Trust me, my Bio-Chemistry snow globe project leaked everywhere, spilling some sort of acid all over my books no matter how tightly I screwed the cap. Not only that, but glass jars simply cannot compare to any regular water bottle. A Nalgene bottle is not only more convenient to carry, but can be thrown around and even insulates better. Why the hell would you want to use a mason jar anyway? 

I was feeling in the argumentative mood today. 

I wanted to argue with my teacher in Economy, but the bell rang before I could. He was simply being a bad teacher and complicating things that were really actually quite simple. 

Anyway, in crew we did 20 minute pieces on the ergs. I began the piece without any expectations and with a generous goal of reaching a 2:20 split time. I did not have the average stroke rate on my monitor so I really couldn't tell what my strokes were doing to my overall score. I went easy for myself, and for once felt genuinely happy after the piece. Not once did I push myself to thoughts of death and I didn't even consider giving up. It was quite pleasant, and in the end, I still got a 2:20 split. I was happy. 

And then a sophomore novice girl got on the erg and did her first ever 4k.....and got a 2:13 split. Now, a seven second difference is huge for any non-rowers out there. After a full season of training, I'll be lucky to get under a 2:10. She put shame to my hard earned 2:20. Granted, she was doing a shorter race and I wasn't really trying that hard, but damn she was fit! When I was a novice, my first erg score was a humiliating 2:50. 

So I got my butt kicked by a girl who had never done that before in her life, but you know, whatever. A bit of humble pie is sweet every once in awhile. 

The End

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