9/23- Karotcake and Cucumber MoonsMature

I skipped writing about this weekend mainly because it was extremely tedious. I spent Saturday working at the crew car wash for seven painstaking hours even though it was raining. Half the time I spent babysitting some freshmen who goofed off the entire time. I rode home on my bike in the rain and spent the rest of my weekend studying and applying for schools. 

Fortunately today was a little more eventful. 

Since it was a white day, I didn't have to go to class until 9:40, so I slept in, made myself a nice breakfast and prepared for the day. When I got to school, we had a senior assembly for senior projects in advisory. I tuned most of it out with my new music. (Bebop jazz, classical remixes and indie rock singles.) 

Next period was my child psych 2 class. I was assigned my old elementary school to sit in with the first grade class. I rode my bike there, reminiscent of my glorious childhood years, and found my way to my old first grade classroom. I was introduced, and after having been settled in, helped the kids write their "Weekend News". 

One of the girls said she rode in a fire engine at a friend's birthday party. I thought that was a pretty cool story, but she decided to write about the baby deer she saw instead. Now, to anyone living outside my city, that might be exciting. However, I live in a town where deer stroll through downtown and give birth in my back yard. I didn't question her choice, but found it odd. 

One boy drew the carrot cake he had eaten this weekend and a stick figure upside-down in it. His sentence was as follows- KAROTCAKE. 

Soon their class had lunch, so I joined them for about ten minutes before I had to leave for my own lunch period. One boy wanted me to sit next to him, so I did, not knowing I was sitting next to the troublesome kids. One spilled his chocolate milk everywhere, another picked off the toppings of his pizza and made "grape eyes" and the other played with his cucumbers, transforming them into crescent moons. I wished I could have stayed for longer. 

I had lunch with an odd mix of my friends: Anastasia, Jane and Bolt. Never before have we all had lunch together, but it was an awesome group of friends. That's all I have to say about lunch. 

In Chinese we spent half an hour watching China's Military Review and listening to their national anthem. If there's one thing I've learned from that class, it's that China has perfected their robot army and that they are persistent in trying to brainwash Americans. 

An "Aspire" (college) meeting and a lengthy conversation with Shannon later, I went to crew. It suddenly turned cloudy, cold and windy, but we went out on the water anyway. I ended up coxing for the varsity boys four (minus one varsity, plus one novice). It was a really unsteady boat and I was freezing in my thin sweater, but I enjoyed coxing anyway. 

I got home and had to wait until 8:00 for my mother's dinner to be ready. It was worth the wait though, and as I ate the rice, I imagined it was a pile of ants. Perhaps, I'll go back to playing with my food. 

The End

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