9/20- MuchachoMature

So today was my good friend Aria's birthday. I wished her happy birthday and gifted her a bracelet and a bookmark that I got from China, which is pretty much exactly what she got me, except for her bracelet/bookmark was from Uganda. She seemed infectiously happy this morning, which made me happy and only slightly jealous. 

Anyway, Jane, Aria and I had lunch together at La Casa. We sat down to eat, and as we all talked about our big summer travels, the waiter came to take our orders. Now, just to clarify, I am a tomboyish girl with short hair, and at the time I was wearing a t-shirt, so I wasn't offended when the waiter turned to me and asked "And for you, muchacho?" The waiter, after seeing that I was actually a girl quickly said "Lo siento, seniorita". I think he was far more embarrassed that I was, but after Jane paid for Aria, explaining it was her birthday, he gave us all free desert. All comments made on my gender have been forgiven. 

In Econ, we were supposed to bring something to trade with. I ended up trading my bag of cheese-its for three good pens. I was very satisfied with the trade. 

At crew we moved boats around and did six short erg pieces since it was stormy. It was a very relaxed practice and I still felt like I got a good workout in. If only all practices were like the weather today- nice, but slightly drizzly. 

For dinner my grandparents came over and we talked about my future over a card game. After they left we talked about my younger sister's future boyfriend prospects in a teasing but half serious way. 

I'm probably never going to get a boyfriend. Today I was called a muchacho, so you can see how that's going for me...

The End

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