9/19- Horse Poop TeaMature

This morning I had an out so I stayed at home, slept in, and did my homework as usual. 

At advisory I was allowed to go with Anastasia to Roasting Co. since it was my birthday the other day. We walked down, and instead of getting my usual spiced chai, I decided to branch out. I ended up ordering a hazelnut steamer. Alright, I know it's pretty much just hot milk, but I really enjoyed it, along with Anastasia's company. It was nice to be able to talk with her one on one again and to be able to shamelessly enjoy warm milk. 

Anyway, after my sixth period out, I then went to lunch with Anastasia and Julius at Roasting Co. Okay, I know, I was just there, but it was somewhat nice out and I didn't want to walk anywhere too far, so we ended up just going back to the coffee shop. I didn't order anything this time and simply enjoyed my sandwich and Julius's steaming spiced chai. When we got back there was a DJ on the quad and the local Credit Union was giving out free popsicles. Eventually a dance circle started, and, being a senior who is used to the mediocre dancing and masses of crowds that gather around to watch, I avoided the center of the quad. Eventually one gets bored of the party. 

In mandarin Chinese we spent a whole half hour of the class preparing and drinking really nice Chinese tea. The first black tea can only be described as tasting almost pleasantly of horse shit, and the green tea left you with a lovely fishy aftertaste. I went back for seconds for both. 

Needless to say I had to pee really bad by the end of class. 

After a brief Tri-M Music Honors Society meeting, I once again attempted to tackle my T.S. Eliot essay. I only wrote the opening paragraph before I gave up. On the way to crew, Rook and I discussed the assignment, which eventually led to only more confusion. 

Rook and I had a good row together. At the end, as I was doing wall-sits against the boathouse, watching as a paraglider soared to the sky, we were complimented on how together and fluid we looked in our double by a master rower. This made me feel very proud, so I went home feeling accomplished. 

After four straight hours of homework that feeling of accomplishment has faded to a bleak hole of nothing. 

The End

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