9/18- A Series of Unfortunate EventsMature

I never read Lemony Snicket's Series of Unfortunate Events, but I got the general idea. The books are simply about the the horrendous piles of unfortunate events that are stacked neatly on top of the reader until the reader is then crushed by its weight and collapses into distraught.

Today felt something like that. 

In AP Lit I was hopelessly lost in a conversation about T.S. Eliot and realized I had to write an essay about his even more confusing works of literature. I am expecting long nights in the near future. 

In PreCalc I'm pretty sure I failed a test for the first time in my life. At least I went into the class knowing that all the students taking PreCalc last year had failed the pre-req quiz, so I didn't go into the class with any false hope. However, knowing you didn't get half the problems right on a quiz doesn't feel good. 

At least my little sister gave me a delicious zucchini muffin and I went to lunch with Julius. So it wasn't all bad...

Except no! All hopes are tossed aside as Econ looms over the corner, promising imminent boredom!

In band we sightread music that was way over my head. 

After that, I managed to get twenty minutes of dry-land in before I had to catch my bus. 

I got home earlier than normal, so I went to sit out on the porch while it was still somewhat nice out. As I was doing my homework out on the deck, I heard a cry from my dad. I rushed over to go see what happened as he called to me for help. As I entered the garage I saw white paint everywhere, and not just any paint: white primer. 

One trait about myself that I can proudly say I have with absolute assurance, is that I'm very level headed. Without making a sound, I quickly got to work hosing down my bike (and all its gears), all the camping gear and pretty much half of the garage. My socks were soaked through with watered down paint. I calmly listened as my dad cursed words I didn't even think he knew. Although we got most of the paint washed out, an hour of my time was wasted and our camping gear still looks like modern art. 

I think my life would make a very exciting novel. 

Anyway, no more dwadling! Back to studying! (Studying= an unfortunate resolution to my day.)

The End

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