9/17- 5F and Other More Tedious PasstimesMature

Here are the generals of my day:

  • Did homework.
  • Studied. 
  • Did more homework. 
  • Went to a meeting for Child Psych 2 where I signed up for an elementary school to help at as I scarfed down blueberries.
  • Walked around the in the rain with a couple of friends and gave one of them a slice of cake. 
  • Listened to my Chinese teacher shout fuck twice. 
  • Went to an impromptu creative writing meeting where we wrote about colors and asked each other questions about fictional characters. 
  • Did one minute pieces on the erg at crew. 
  • Did ab tabatas which made my tummy sore and unhappy.
  • Ate salad.
  • Did chores.
  • Did homework. 
  • Studied. 

Really, I think I'm just ready for bed. 

The End

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