9/16- Happy Birthday?Mature

When people asked me how my birthday went, my answer was always "Okay." Actually, that was my answer for pretty much everything. It was just an okay type of day. 

I think if today weren't my birthday I might feel better about today. I might even say it was a good day, but seeing as it's my birthday, all expectations are heightened. For some reason we expect the stars to align on our birthday. We expect special treatment, cake, attention, good wishes from all. All of these expectations is what I hate about birthdays. They only ruin the already decent reality.  

I'm not one for attention. Never have been. I'm not one to ask for attention, so when I got to school this morning, no one really knew. Only a couple of my best friends wished me happy birthday, and the rest I left to their ignorance. There was no singing for me. In fact, it was just another Monday to everyone else, which is probably why I was left alone to fend for myself at lunch. 

I didn't think I was that late to the quad after lunch, but everyone was gone. I stood around helplessly for a minute before joining Rook who sat alone at the other end of the quad. We walked down to the football field and my friend Bolt ended up joining us. We spent the majority of the lunch period trying to work out shift hours, which was hilariously sad how long it took us. 

In band we finally started sight reading symphonic music which made me happy. In one of the songs we sightread, my part had multiple notes four bars above the staff line. I refuse to play anything over three lines above the staff, so there were a couple of bars I simply didn't play at all. At least I could play the rest of it. 

The only other notable part of my day was that I got to row the Sykes at crew, which is this tiny single racing shell, new and shiny baby blue. It was really hard to row. Almost every stroke I had to focus hard on staying balanced and afloat. I ended up flipping around a turn, but I was so quick in and out, that my coach didn't even notice. It was nice weather for a swim anyway, so I kind of enjoyed it. 

When I got home, I ate my mother's charred chicken and went straight to bed. 

So if you still want to ask me how my birthday was, I'll still answer "It was okay". 

The End

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