9/15- Rowing: A Flashy, Contact SportMature

I'm writing on my brand spanking new laptop. I got a new toy for my birthday. This pretty much sums up my Saturday. 

Anyway, this morning I got up bright and early for the Much Ado About Rowing Regatta. It was still dark out, and as I gnawed on a banana, Stella's mom drove me to the lake. I got there and was instantly filled with joy. The boathouse was packed with adults wearing Shakespearean themed costumes, rival K-Falls and Humbolt kids decked out in matching unis and masks and my fellow junior rowers covered in war paint. One kid on my team named Garfield was clothed completely in high-vis, neon yellow spandex. He was literally covered head to toe in a blinding yellow outfit. It's not hard to figure he's the kid who tends to stand out. 

My first race was with my double with Rook. We got out on the water as efficiently as always and finished our warm-up as efficiently as always. We got to the start about fifteen minutes before we were sent off, and during that time I fretted about having not taken my inhaler beforehand and how much I suddenly had to pee.  

I hadn't quite gotten in the full mentality of a race before we were sent off. Instantly I was filled with regrets and I was finding it difficult to breathe. Then, out of nowhere, a K-Falls girls double who was warming up, collided with us mid-race. We had to stop the boat and one of their oars hit me in the back of the head. Rook asked if I was okay. My head spun for a minute, but I wasn't going to stop because of a silly little head-bump, so I urged her to keep moving. 

Despite the dangerous collision, that was probably one of the best 5k races I've raced. 

After our finish, we docked the boat and Rook and I immediately hopped into the boys (mixed) four. I was dizzy and had a bit of a headache, but I was ready to cox the next race. Despite the fact that their bow was a poor tired Rook who was rowing another 5k as a starboard (usually port) and I cut one of the buoys (time penalty), I think they did fairly well.

Yeah, anyway, after the potluck, I found out Raven and I got first, even though I was bonked in the head, and my boys four got first, even with the technical difficulties. (Actually they got first out of two in their division by seven whole minutes. It wasn't even a competition.) I was super happy because I got two first place medals which I have never gotten before. Also, the girls who collided with us were very sweet and apologized. I felt bad at how bad they felt about it, when really, we still got first. 

After the regatta I went to Rook's house and we walked around her neighborhood selling car wash tickets. For the first time in five seasons, I have actually sold all of my tickets. 

After a shower and a nap, I cleaned the house and got ready for the crew kids to come over. We had a crew party at my house where we played some fun team-bonding games and ate pizza and birthday cake. The kids were all very cool, and were willing to play silly games like lap-tag and knots. They also helped me clean up and left the house by nine. 

Now I am exhausted and quite ready to give my bruised head and tired limbs a rest. It has been a very interesting day filled with crew. 

The End

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