9/13- Energy is InfectiousMature

This morning I slept in till nine and didn't go to school until 12:20 since I had no classes until then. I helped with the finishing touches of painting our house, did some homework and warmed some soup for lunch. It was a lovely morning. 

I got to school with nothing but a drawstring bag with my workout clothes and a binder with my Chinese homework. We didn't do anything particularly interesting in Chinese and I never got called on. However, after Chinese, I had creative writing club.

Quite a few people in the club were gone due to a Cross Country meet, but three new kids showed plus four other veterans. Jaclyn and I introduced the club, talked about our goals and read some of our "Apples" story. An hour passed by in what seemed like a second and soon I had to get dressed for crew.

At crew Rook and I rowed our double again. Today the conditions were much better, but it was scorching hot and I was wearing a long-sleeved shirt. I ended up stopping the boat so I could dunk my shirt in the water. It took me awhile to put the wet thing back on, but it was worth it. In the end, Rook and I had a splash fight which was so refreshing and fun that I decided it should be something we do more often.

Anyway, we had a good workout but I had to go in early so I could be at the high school by 6:15 for pep band. Stella's mother was kind enough to give us a ride to the school and brought us (the band kids) pizza to eat on the way. I was very grateful since I didn't have any dinner. Once I got there Jaclyn painted a red paw on my face and I greeted my friend Cal, who graduated last year and came to play with us. It was as if nothing had changed (with the exception of new music, new bleachers and a new freshman class). I was pumped for the game. 

Our team won 21 to 7 against a team who has beaten us in games past. I expended so much energy in that game that I thought I was going to pass out of exhaustion afterwords. It was worth it though. The pep band got much more spirited and excited than last game, chanting and dancing and staying standing even though we would all have rather sat. Energy is infectious. 

I went home and went straight to bed, exhausted from social interaction. Sometimes I wish I was an extrovert, but I've gotten damn good at faking it.


The End

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