9/12 - An Uneven DayMature

This morning I trimmed my hair with a pair of safety scissors. I'm pretty sure the back is uneven, but I can't tell since I only briefly glanced at it through a tiny handheld mirror. It's really short anyway, so I don't think anyone really noticed. 

The bus driver asked for my first name this morning. I wasn't quite sure whether to be scared or flattered. I've never given my name to my bus drivers before. 

In PreCalc, Mr. Weber kept asking me if I was bored or confused, to which I always replied, "Bor- Tired. Tired Mr. Weber." I suppose my exhaustion was noticeable this morning. He also asked me if I was going to play Powderpuff, to which I replied "no". I don't know why all of the teachers that make me feel slightly uncomfortable ask me that question. It was the exact same thing that happened to me last year by Mr. Holing. Do I look like the type of person that would play football? I hate football.

In band Mr. Charles asked of us what I never thought he would. For the first (and probably last) time he asked us all to play the "Fight Song" so loud that we no longer sounded good. I was not prepared for the startling, ear-drum bursting noise that followed his count-off, and so when the ungodly high E shouted forth from the freshmen clarinets behind me, I burst into laughter. It's my coping mechanism for when I'm afraid or startled: I simply laugh. I probably only got five notes in the entire song before I started laughing again for sheer horror at the awful noise the band was making. 

You can imagine how hard it is to watch a horror film with me. I laugh hysterically while everyone else is screaming their heads off. 

Anyway, after band I grabbed Waldo's painting he gifted me and hopped on the bus to crew. We did five short pieces in circles around a very narrow course. The conditions were bad, Rook and I rowed the Thorndike which was missing a spacer at one of my oarlocks and the course was stressful. With coaches yelling orders that I didn't always agree with, it isn't hard to say my row was not the best. In fact it was quite frustrating. Also, there was a dead squirrel on the road on the way to the boathouse. 

I almost got a ride home with someone else when my mother was waiting for me right there. I left my bag of clothes in the other person's car in my hasty departure of their vehicle. It has been a confusing and somewhat stressful evening. 

At least when I got home lasagna was ready for me. 

The End

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