9/7-8 - America's CupMature

This weekend I went to the mall with my grandparents and my sister. We were supposed to be looking for my birthday gift, but as I slowly walked the racks of a few different clothing stores, I realized how much I truly hate clothes and clothes shopping. 

I tired on one pair of pants before I gave up. 

I felt bad that I had wasted my grandparent's time. I ended up just asking for an iTunes gift card or money, which they could have just bought at Walmart or some some other grocery store. On the other hand, I love spending time with them, and Papa was recording the America's Cup anyway. 

Today I watched America's first win and actually cheered as the Oracle zoomed through the finish before New Zealand. All morning my father and I were glued to the TV, watching in awe as the hydrofoils jibed into the various gates at a whopping 40 knots. In fact, I got so enthralled in the regatta, that when my dad changed the channel to football, I moaned and left the room. 

I just don't understand the attraction to watching men with long hair beat up against each other like wild animals over a stupid misshapen ball. 

The End

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