9/6 - Time is RelativeMature

I went to school the next day with an open mind, only to have my mind widened further by Mrs. Hakesley's lecture about time in AP Lit. It felt as if she were prying my skull wider with the bareness and complexity of her words. 

"Time is so relative," she said. The truth in that statement made my head spin. As she talked about Switzerland and trains and time and China and international datelines, I began to see the illusion of time. I began to see how much we have come to rely on time, and how elusive it really is. 

Anyway my mind was blown. 

The rest of the day went on slowly. I contemplated copying answers down for my summer homework. I contemplated forging my mother's signature. I even contemplated cheating on a evaluation test that wasn't even graded. I didn't, but still, I thought about it. 

At lunch I spilled my glass of water on Tracy at the Mexican restaurant where I didn't even order anything. I ate their free chips and salsa though. 

At band my reed cracked and I squeaked twice. I helped a freshmen kid from having to interrupt Mr. Charles in the middle of class. 

At crew, we did eight three minute pieces along a few buoys, the course riddled with novice singles. Fortunately Rook and I didn't crash into any of them. It was her birthday today. I wished her happy birthday and we began our row. 

That night I went to Rook's house for her "birthday get together". The house was filled with fifteen or so wonderful people, most of which I was close with. We caught up via massage train and ate figs as we told stories about life-saving missions and future plans. I had a nice long talk with a girl about writing and we exchanged emails. Soon they set up a projector and a white sheet and we all snuggled in close to watch "Moonrise Kingdom".

I ended up getting a ride home with a 20-something-year-old girl I had only ever met at Freshstart who only came because she happened to be with my friend Waldo, a recently graduated artist who was invited halfway through. It was pretty late and as we drove through town in the dark, we talked about some inspirational thing I said at Freshstart about following your "inner child". It was a very personal conversation, and as she dropped me off, I realized I'm actually pretty good at making friends.

I just have to say really inspirational shit all the time. 

So anyhow, today I realized how fluid and malleable time actually is. I hope that's a mind-blowing enough subject for us to strike a deep conversation with and become good friends... 

The End

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