9/5 - Tailcoat Biking in a StormMature

Sometimes there are days I feel totally in control of my life. In those days, I am happiest and feel the most accomplished. That day was yesterday. Today was a stormy day: completely out of my control. 

I went to school wearing my red Chinese slippers and a white frilly shirt with little mustard stains on the end. From the moment the mustard bottle squirted on my white shirt as I was rushing through the makings of a ham sandwich, I knew it would be one of "those days". I had no time to clean up, however, before I rushed out the door to catch the bus. 

To my dismay it was cold and cloudy, the sky looking as if were about to burst with rain. As I ran down my hill to the bus stop, I cursed myself for wearing my nice embroidered slippers, knowing that they would get wet. Still, I went to school feeling as if there was still time for hope. 

After two long hours of homework and advisory, I quickly realized all hope was lost. After that, I had an out period, and had to mull around for another hour or so in boredom. Then I had my sixth period, which was an absolute nightmare. I was supposed to be in creative writing for that period, but was dropped from the class since this year they're not allowing people to have two English classes plus creative writing was really full.

I was really disappointed. Alright, I understand their reasons, and I think that, yes, people who need an English credit to graduate should get in the class before me, but writing is my life. So I decided to TA for the class. TA slip in hand, I went to the class. However, two seconds before me, another girl who had already taken the class and came in after me, gave the teacher her TA slip. I could literally feel the rope of control slipping out of my grasp the moment Mrs. Bard signed her paper. 

I stood around for awhile with another girl who was dropped from the class, still unsure of what had just happened. After sitting at an empty desk, getting up to see the counselor, sitting down again, talking to the teacher in confusion, I was kicked out from the class. I then went to the bathroom to cry. 

Okay, I didn't go to the bathroom to cry, but simply to flush down the feelings of disappointment I could feel were beginning to well up inside me. After using the toilet, I realized I was standing in a puddle in my nice fabric shoes from China. I wanted to shout in frustration, but instead glared at myself in the mirror until I felt better and left. 

Another out period spent in boredom later, I had lunch. This time everyone left without me and I was left with my good friend Jane. We decided to eat outside, and I shivered as we both ate our sandwiches in sullen contemplation. We complained about this and that, and I left for Chinese Four feeling slightly better. 

In Chinese we pretty much just talked about the situation of the class. Our old teacher had to go back to China because her visa ran out, so she is going to get a student visa to study at our local university, when really she's just coming back for us. However, there was an issue with our schedule, so she may or may not be able to teach us in the afternoon. Our new teacher was oblivious to things we had already learned, and seemed to be at a loss at what to do. Again, the future of my Chinese learning experience is entirely out of my control. 

Anyway, during that period I wrote a poem about the buoyancy of a pen and drew a pretty freaking awesome ship. We also acted out various dinosaurs in order to help our Chinese teacher understand the meaning of the word "dinosaur". 

Finally I went to crew practice. Unfortunately we can't row when there's a lightning storm, so we had to do two thirty minute erg pieces. As Rook and I led a group of rowers, I noticed someone biking along the dam outside of the boathouse. They rode back and forth in a tailcoat with a red umbrella. I commented on this, and as Rook, Stella and I ran past him for a cool-down jog, we finally realized he was being photographed. 

Still, it gave me hope that in the midst of a thunderstorm, someone could ride a bike wearing a tailcoat and carrying a freaking red umbrella. 

The End

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