The Beginning of The End- August PrologueMature

Wow, Alison, that's so cliche!

I can already hear the critic whirling in your brain. Enough of that. The title is staying as it is, because that is how my life is at the moment. Do away with your inner critiquing mind, because this is not a place to judge. This is not fiction, this is real life. This is not just a story, this is actually my experience put into words. 

Anyway, this is the beginning of the end. Senior year. The turning point in my high school career. 

One might think that the first day of school would signify the start of the year. One might think that the first moment I step onto the high school quad, the morning of school, would flick the "I'm-a-senior-now" switch. For me, the start of senior year happened much before school even started. 

It's august and I am desperately trying to stay afloat in a sea of expectations-mine included. Suddenly I start going to crew practices, band practices, and freaking College Prep classes. I find myself in leadership positions I only half assertively signed up for, working over twenty hours over a span of a week organizing pep band music, recruiting freshmen to one of my two clubs and interviewing for crew captain. 

Despite the sudden pile of responsibility, I take even more. At my high school we have a program called "Freshstart". It's a two day retreat out in the woods to welcome incoming freshmen to the high school. It's hard to describe the camp without using words like"icebreaker games" and "feeling circles" which ultimately destroys a person's impression of the actual experience. It's a camp to help all the freshmen feel welcomed and loved, and frankly, good about themselves and it's not at all weird and cheesy. 

This year I was a counselor for Freshstart. I was unsure at first, being somewhat introverted and awkward when it came to making friends. However, it ended up being perfect for me. The counselor retreat was more or less of a personal wake up call and I gained so much inspiration and knowledge from it. However, the actual retreat was even better.

It was here (as well as the middle school rowing camp that I helped at over the summer) that I learned how much I love to help my younger peers. It gives me purpose in a way that I have only ever felt with writing. Perhaps the only thing this shows is that someday I'm going to be an awesome mother, but I digress. Freshstart started my year off with a purpose. 

So now I'm excited about senior year. I'm the top dog. For once, I'm looked up to and it feels incredible and somewhat terrifying. Being first clarinet and band leader makes me the person people go to for help. Being president of Creative Writing and International club gives me responsibility. Being varsity in crew gives me authority. Already there is so much purpose to this year. 

It was no surprise I went into the first day of school feeling somewhat confused that school hadn't already started. It was no surprise I didn't feel in any special mood the first day. Really, being at school as a senior did not come as a surprise as all. 

The End

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