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Keeping a diary because that's what the cool kids are doing...

I recently learned from T.S. Eliot, that in essence, no one has individuality or originality and that every new thing results from something old. The new, the novel, the artistic, is always influenced by old tradition. And likewise old tradition is influenced by new works. There can be no "new" without there being something "old". Likewise, there is nothing original, that has already, in some way, been thought up.

Basically, I am copying a good friend of mine. To be certain, keeping a diary is by no means unique or original, however, the content is. I found her idea and her writing strangely humorous, even though it was not out of the ordinary. So I am doing the exact same thing. Writing almost about the exact same things, except the difference is that it is my life, not hers. Entirely different worlds, to be sure. 

However, I'm not only doing this because I wish to steal the great ideas of my friends, but also because I believe it is worth my time. This senior year has been, so far, strange, and I feel that if I do not write things down, my legends will be forgotten. Not only that, but in creative writing class, I hear the teacher makes her students write diary entries. Since I was not able to enroll in the class, I am determined to learn from it anyway. 

Instead of initials, as my good friend has been attempting, I'm simply going to make up names for the people in my life in order to ensure anonymity. I apologize in advance for horrendous names and rambling thoughts. I also am not promising timely updates. 

So without further ado- 

The End

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