We're Only Chasing [[Lies]]

Is this all an excuse

For blatant disrespectability?

We do this every day

We fall, we break:

The dance of our lives

You wear a handsome tuxedo sewn from churned up lies and plastic smiles

While I don a luke-warm silk gown and high heels

From a child's dress-up box

And we don't fit, you and I

In this puzzle of life

But we're forced into place

By the hands of fate and free will as they collide

So we dance

But we trip all too soon

And your hand is revealed

But I've never played Poker so I still don't see it coming

Do you like to Tango?

Maybe Waltz?

Let's get out on the floor like we always do

You use me like you always do

And I'll find a way through like I always do


Can you hear it?

No, you never can

When the music fades you still go and go

Like a wind-up toy that never winds down

A puppeteer pulling along a marionette that thinks it's real and free

The End

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