We're Only Chasing [[Sanity]]

Stop telling me what to do

Mocking my confusion

These voices I hear...

Are they tangible?

Are they real?

Spinning and twirling, my vision is blurring

You step inside my soul

Something unknown

These words come alive and pictures dance in my mind

Projecting onto my world

So I can't tell the difference

I can't see the point of these fingers running down my spine

(Nobody's there)

Nightmares replay and replay

When light's all gone away

I wonder if I've ever screamed as loud as I do in my head every day

Flames lick the sides of my face

Ice cold rain mixes with sweat

I run

To somewhere I've never been

And never will be

They argue without me

(Am I even here?)

This constant ringing

Depletes me

Destroys me

Delusions of grandeur

They call me the queen of imagination

Forgot to tell them my real name is insanity

The End

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