We're Only Chasing [[Nothing]]

This is a really rough copy of words that will probably become a song in the near future. Enjoy! Critique, discuss, or do whatever you please. Feedback is welcome. :)

We contemplate leaving all we've ever known

In the dust.

Empty cracks in the sidewalk

Shadow over us

And form darkness where we've always found familiar ground.

Our smiles fade from bright to grey

As we lose ourselves and sell our souls for higher ground.

Crawling, creeping out of the pit we've thrown ourselves into

Our own arrows piercing our hearts

We stagger and fall

But never die.

The prize we reach for

Flows and ebs like water you can't ever grasp

Like sand pouring through invisible cracks

Until we find that something's reaching back for us.

With reckless abandon

We jump

From our deepest valleys

And gravity pulls us to the highest mountain peak

Our worlds turned upsidedown.

For a moment in time is forever

But forever is only a moment of time.

The End

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