The melodrama of first world problems.

Bottling up worked for about 5 years.. and then the bottle started leaking.

My brain is hilarious, it really is. 

8 days ago I go to the University' medical office.

They give me ears drops for an infection.

Instructions say 10 days.

I take the drops.

8 days pass..

I get a bit of pain in the ear.

The instructions say to call the physician immediately if "irritation" happens...

The physicians aren't there...

its thankgiving break at the University, and they won't be at the office till next week.

So the thought occurs to me:

I'm not feeling much pain.

I feel fine, except for the tinnitus (but then I've had for it about 3 years.)

But hey What if something bad happens?

What if by waiting next week,

I go deaf in that ear?

Or something bad happens..

says "Immediately contact the physician" on the label.. ohh I guess that means I'm screwed.

Maybe I can get around the "what ifs"

Maybe I can just stab myself in the stomach with a kitchen knife and let all of my problems flow out with my blood....

Hilarious.. you could make a comedy show out of that crap... 

Dem first world problems.

Them younglings and their melodrama...

Too bad I'm not a starving African dying of Ebola

Maybe if I was then I could chill out.. appreciate my house.. appreciate the running water... appreciate the toilet

Oh Oh Oh. But just because I may want to wait a week.. I decide... hey maybe living is overrated... Heh

I don't think I'll be committing suicide anytime soon. I feel calmer than I did thirty minutes ago, but if I don't post anything else then I guess you'll know what happened.

The End

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