well... this is awkward...

I don't actually know how to keep a diary very well...

I bought this book on how to keep a well updated journal. It suggests I write down a few things in different categories each day ....

here we go. 

Mood: I don't know? bored. depressed. lackluster. where does it end? My real mood is something like "I have no inspiration, and I'm currently living in hell." overall. not happy. 

something to look forward to: IF I can get people together and in order, ill be leaving misery soon to take a vacation to Paradise. 

I also look forward to getting a band together, I've got the musicians. we just need to lay a few tracks. 

Then I could get out of Misery forever. We would move to Dirge, a city that's completely underground. I visit there as often as I can to enjoy the concerts, Incredible food, and the darkness.

For those who read this in the future: I was born with very pale colored eyes that we're sensitive to light ever since I was born. I crave the darkness. The light gives me headaches of incredible nature. 

Favorite color: This is getting stupid. 

The End

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