Welcome to Misery

Misery, a vast urban town about the size of Manhattan, is unfortunately the place where my story unfolds.  Misery is not the dark dismal place its name suggests. Rather it is too hot, bright, often sunny, and highly energetic. This is misery to me. 

My name is Violet.

I am the real Violet West. These journals and accounts are written only by hand. I am of sound body and mind and I take full responsibility for my words. 

This is the truth.  

I was born in a house of chaos. Fighting, screaming, crying, confusion, broken promises, and disappointment had always been the norm. The only thing that kept my home from ripping at the seems was love. It was scarce, but present. 

From a very young age I had realized that the only way to survive misery would be to become completely independent from those who kept me in this burning city. I ran away from my home of chaos, and never looked back. 

I had only wandered a few months before finding a new City very close to Misery. Transition, was its name. In Transition, there was a new home to be had. My home that I have been living in for the past three years. They called it Mosaic. It was made up of thousands of different types of people. I loved it so. 

The people of Mosaic we're fascinating. Some where kind, others were not. Some loved it there, others would be leaving as soon as they could. Some had traveled from Misery and other cities alike. Most of them enjoyed art as I did. They were a creative people. I stayed there, happily. I even fell in love. He was a beautiful, dark, and enchanting soul. 

I would have happily stayed in Mosaic, Transition forever. But the power of the almighty Fate had blown harsh new winds of change in my direction and caused me to make life changing decisions, most of them for the worst. 

When  I turned 18, I traveled back to misery, It had hardly changed. There was more silence than I remembered, which i didn't mind. I often travel in and out of the city, but I remain based for the moment in Misery. 

The End

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