The story behind my lie

So, this is what I did to get myself in trouble.'I was at school, playing basketball with my friends. I saw the vice principal coming. I took one more shot and there was a blur. The ball shot back into my chest.

"STUFFED!" yelled the principal as he landed on the ground.

"Hey! Why'd you do that?!" I yelled in agony, not realizing it was the principal.

"Excuse me?" he asked.

"You heard me! I--" I looked up. "Oh, sorry Mr. Vandamrio."

"Office! Now!" he yelled.

I felt a surging energy pouring through my veins like liquid hot metal. Pictures flashed through my head. I turned the basketball in my hands until the air hole faced him. Taking my index finger, I wildly slashed the ball. I held my finger over the hole. I felt the pressure pushing against my hand. I let go immediately and pressed against the back of the ball. The air in the ball blew out of it sensing its freedom. The vice principal was sent flying backward and flipper in mid flight. He smacked against the ground.

"CONNOR! GET TO THE OFFICE NOW! AND EXPECT CONSEQUENCES!" the helpless principal yelled.

I turned away and sprinted. Blocking out all the yelling, I focused on one single point in the distance. It was the street. I knew just what I was going to do. Run away! I was stopped by Mme Gendrenam. "Did you do that?" she asked, pointing to the principal.

"NO! Gotta go!" I brushed past her. Just a few more seconds! I thought.

The End

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