Web of Lies

Prologue: Lying

Have you ever thought of doing something really really bad but never followed through with it because you knew it would only bring you trouble? Well, I'll tell you what happened to me. Because of what I did, I landed myself in a position that every time I try to crawl out of, I get pushed right back in.  It's like... a web. I spun too much string and now I'm all caught up. I can't grab any flies, because I'm stuck. My only enjoyment is sleeping. I might as well be dead. My name? Can I trust you with it, or will you go and tell Colin Turner that it was me who hung his underwear from the school flagpole? Oops! You weren't supposed to know that! Aww, you told? You're bad. REAL bad. You are a lowlife scum! A liar! I like you! Well, I think I can trust you.

Hi. I'm Connor. I lied.

The End

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