If only he was a good liar...and gave her a web of lies

She brushes her dusty blond hair from her face

So there’s no complication

When she says she loves him

It’s because she does

And he will repeat the words

Cause that’s what he does

Who he is

A slave to lip service

But even with his balls buried deep he’s not sure he could ever love her

It’s not because she’s not good enough

It just is what it is



Baby, Baby

You got come up with some better lies

A web of them

Intertwined around my wrists

Holding me up high

So that if one falls through

I won’t



He doesn’t want to be the one to make her eyes glassy

Glassy and filled to the brim

Jumping over the edge

But the doomsday clock keeps on ticking

Another falsehood won’t set it back

Don’t you see you’ve been trying that all along?

Oh and you’ll keep on trying

Cause that’s what makes you the good guy

The one that always stands by




She dreamed of a prince

But she put on a happy face and settled for his lie

His scripted line

She knows what life is like alone

Bearable, tolerable

But it is devoid of hope

All of hers is resting on his shoulders

But he’s no Atlas

She’s holding all the weight

And she’s the one crumpling




Tick, Tick, Tick, Tock

Don’t you see it’s only a matter of time?

The tears will spill

And the debris will fall from the sky like snow


Shake me out of denial

Let me have a graceful breakdown

A delicate fall out



The End

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