Weaving Music

If I could have any extraordinary ability, it would be this. The true power of music, harnessed to do anything.

Standing in an open field, searching through the planes of existence. The music fills his soul, pure ecstatic energy flowing through his veins. The power of the most beautiful and perfect music, the power that he has learned to harness. Music. The perfect harmony of color and light and sound, blended with the planes of thought. The perfect harmony that controls the undercurrents of all things. This is the most pure form of truth that man can experience. The pure ecstatic force that drives every atom of every molecule of every single thing of this Earth. The driving force behind all thought and movement, the search to understand all things, is the simple and complex purity of music. 

Music. Why is this the chosen word? this word that is used to represent appealing sounds and noises to our brains. But is that it? I believe it is much more. It is a force. A tangible thing, but we can only touch it with our minds, to shape it and form it into amazing and beautiful things. music is an art, a way of expression. The goal we all search for, that ecstatic feeling of completeness. That feeling of being filled and unstoppable. Music is the word. Music is the true beauty behind all things. 

Music is hidden everywhere. In the shapes of those around us, in the form of items we see. Music unheard is what shows us who people are, what shows us the true intentions of others. The undercurrents of all things, mental, temporal or spiritual, music is the one thing that stays with us and helps all see. The deaf can see the music, experiencing it all day everyday. Their thoughts attuned to the power and truth of the beauty of the world, never having it tainted by a flood of sounds. The power of music is in all things, not merely the heard sounds that give us pleasure or pain. 

The End

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