We are the Fry-Up and other song Parodies

Song Parodies DISCLAIMER I do not own any of the songs parodied but I do own the parodies themselves

Parody No.1: We Are The Fry-Up

Parody of: I am the Walrus, by The Beatles

WARNING the following song is a parody of a song by the greatest band ever, meaning it contains content that some people will not find disturbing.

I am food as you are food as we are Food
and we are served together
See how they shot pigs with a gun
To make sausages 
I'm eating
I don't want no  cornflakes
Or any Orange Squash
Burned Hash browns, And I'm running out of ketchup 
Man I've forgot to shave
And now my facial hair has grown

I am the eggs man
They are the bacon
I am the Baked beans 
G-g-good food

Have your eggs poached or scrambled
Or even fried like I do 
They were layed by chickens in some hey, and they tased good

I'm eating
I'm eating, I'm eating 
Why have some Breakfast?
Eating it tastes good...
Have some toast
With the rest o' your breakfast
Paul, you haven't shaved again
You untidy git

I am the eggs man
They are the bacon 
We are the Fry up 
G-g-good food

Sitting in an English Diner
waiting for the food
If the food don't come you don't give a tip
to the sexy waitress

I am the eggs man
They are the bacon
I am the fry up
go-go good food 
fa-fa fa- food

good good g'food
fooda fooda 
fooda fooda fooda fooda
fooda fooda fooda fooda 
fooda fooda




The End

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