We Are Artists.

Sort of an artist's manifesto.

Being an artist - whether it's the art of painting, singing, poetry, noveling, fashion designing, photography, whatever - is the most misunderstood existence in the world. Our art is criticized, our motives are questioned, our friends and family often just don't get it.

But the mission of an artist - the purpose of artistry itself - is a calling just as worthy as any other. We are artists. Perhaps doctors treat physical ailments; artists treat ailments of the soul. Perhaps teachers show children how to read and write; artists show children how to pursue their dreams. Perhaps astronomers send people out among the stars; artists show the common human how to bring the stars down to his own world. Perhaps cosmetologists enhance a person's outward beauty; artists do not simply beautify the heart. We give it life.

Some say that artists are dreamers, that we don't understand true life, but that is entirely false. We understand what life is, but we see it differently. We see it in the colors of a rainbow. We hear it in the song of a bird. We feel it in roiling emotions of the soul. We find life and know it intimately, because we are artists.

We are artists. This is what we are meant to be. So even though we are misunderstood, we are on the right path. The world may not "get it," but we know what our purpose is. The worth of what we do may not be discovered for decades, even centuries, but we are artists, and we are leaving our mark on the world.

The End

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