Someone Like Me

For several moments the two girls just stared at each other, neither so much as twitching. Allie felt as if a bucket of cold water had just been poured over her head. All her life she'd thought she was alone, an oddball amongst every other person she met. Yet here before her was someone just like her, someone who knew all the difficulties of living a life surrounded by unwanted sympathy and curious looks.

She wasn't alone after all.

"Uh..." Allie stammered, her mouth suddenly dry, "I... I'm Allie. You're Sandra right?"

Sandra nodded slowly, looking Allie up and down with a look of surprise that mirrored Allie's own consternation. Then, as if lit up by a bright light, her face split into a wide grin:

"I knew it!" she cried, her voice high with excitement and joy, "I knew I wasn't the only one! Oh my god, you have no idea how glad I am to finally meet you! You have no idea how great this is, I just..." Sandra trailed off, as if her happiness was too great to put into words. Catching the other girl's sense of excitement, Allie grinned and held out her hand, which Sandra shook enthusiastically.

Cam smiled, "Alright ladies," she said, "Now we've all been introduced, why don't we get started. Allie, I think Sandra has something she'd like to show you."

"Oh yes!" squeaked Sandra, "I almost forgot! Come on Allie, this is going to be great. All you friends will be so jealous, trust me. Oh lordie, I still can't get over this!"

Laughing, Allie pushed her chair up alongside Sandra's and together they made their way through the black door and off down yet another long corridoor, Cam following behind. Allie however no longer noticed, for she was now heavily engaged in discussion with Sandra, both chatting excitedly about their favourite films, books and TV shows. Heart swelling with happiness, Allie pushed herself alongside her new friend, feeling as if she could start singing for joy.

Mum and Cam were right, she thought, I really do like this surprise. After all these years I've finally met someone like me.

The End

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