Several minutes and a multitude of long winding corridoors later, Allie and Cam finally arrived at a large black door. Here Cam turned back to Allie and said;

"Okay, I know you're probably curious as to what this is all about. No doubt you're probably frustrated at having to be here, which is perfectly reasonable. Just bear with me and you may just be surprised. Please wait here a moment, I've just got to fetch someone."

Utterly bemused, Allie watched Cam push the door open and disappear inside, the door clicking shut ominously behind her. Finding herself alone, Allie suddenly felt very nervous. Again people were talking about this mysterious "surprise" that lay in wait for her. Well, whatever it was, it seemed like a very daunting prospect to Allie. From the way both Cam and her mother talked about it, it must be something big. As hard as she tried, Allie could not think of anything that would warrant this degree of secrecy from anyone. It was a scary thought, but at the same time rather exciting. Despite herself, Allie began to look forward to seeing what this surprise was. Who knows, she thought, it might just be something really special.

The minutes felt like hours as Allie watched the clock, the only piece of decoration in the cupboard-like room, waiting for Cam's return and becoming increasingly fidgety. Patience had never been one of Allie's greatest virtues and after five minutes she felt she might go mad with waiting. Then, finally, she heard the black door creak open. Allie straightened up, eyes bright with anticipation. As she slipped through the door, Cam grinned at her and, clearly supressing a giggle, said to Allie:

"Sorry about the wait, it took longer than I thought to get everything ready. Anyway, come on in Sandra!"

A ripple of silvery laughter came from behind the door as, slowly, Sandra entered the room. She was probably no older than sixteen and  her white-blonde hair stuck straight up in the air, as if the laws of gravity had ceased to apply and her sky blue eyes sparkled with intelligence and life. She wore a bright green t-shirt covered in red and black patterns and a gold necklace gleamed against her pale skin. However, when Allie finally managed  to drag her gaze away from Sandra's face, she saw something that made her jaw drop. Beneath the green t-shirt protruded a pair of pale stumps, so much like her own, resting against the base of a sturdily built black wheelchair. 

Sandra was just like her.

The End

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