Sullen Thoughts

Much to Allie's dismay, she discovered that her mother had found the slip in her bag the previous evening. What was even worse was that she had signed it and had sent a note to Miss Phyllis to insure that Allie did not try and worm her way out of it.

"It will be a good experience," she said, ignoring the death-glare her daughter was giving her, "I know you'll enjoy yourself. Trust me, you'll be surprised."

Allie snorted, "How? It'll be just like any other stupid field trip, I'll just sit in the background and watch like I do every time. How will that surprise me?"

But her mother had merely shook her head and smirked secretively. No amount of screaming, sulking, sweet-talking or bribery would get any more out of her and Allie had to content herself with uttering numerous curse words under her breath as, after the daily labour of getting into her uniform - assisted as always by her mother - and eating a hasty breakfast, she made her way laboriously towards the school gates.

Why did she do that? Allie thought darkly, why did she sign the stupid slip when she knows full well how much I hate field trips? Is she trying to make me feel worse?
Well she's certainly succeeding.

As the girls gathered in the main school courtyard, all chattering in their usual exciteable manner and clutching their identical maroon sports bags, all with names printed in big white letters. Allie's own bag was slung over the back of her chair, it's contents as neatly folded as ever. This wasn't due to the fact that Allie was tidy, in fact she was quite the opposite and lost almost all her posessions at least three times a week. No, it was because the white polo, short purple hockey skirt and three pairs of socks had never been used in all the three years Allie had owned them.

Once the bags were packed below the bus and all the rest of the students had clambered onto the bus, Allie sat stiff as a board as Miss Phyllis and the bus driver worked together to heft her chair untidily up the steps, the teacher pushing from below and the driver pulling her up from the top. The indignity did not stop there as the grey-haired and formidably built teacher held her chair steady as Allie wriggled inelegantly across the seats and strapped herself in place. Freckled face red with embarrassment, Allie turned and stared out of the window, glaring defiantly at the neat rows of houses that flanked the road.

The sooner this is over with the better, she thought sullenly. I may be putting up with it, but that doesn't mean I have to like it.

The End

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