Every Single Day

Every Single Day 23/6/13

Every single day
Living life my way
Oh please tell me why
You gotta run away

Don't act so unsure
Don't hesitate
And let yourself fall
You're mine
Now and forever always

Don't worry my dear
Your precious arms are all I need
So don't panic today
About what tomorrow will bring

Why you gotta be so unsure
Why you gotta run away so far
I swear to you my darling
I'll always be true
Don't think about that other girl who hurt you

I want you and only you
I need you in my life
And I love you

And that's all you need to know
I love you
Only you
So hold me
And never let me go

Every single day
Living life my way
And I'm telling you
You're 'gonna stay
A big part of it

The End

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