Washing Away My Binds

The Civil Rights Movement was an entirely different movement from other times in history. Police raised their fire department's water hoses and maliciously sprayed down the children of which segregation has hurt.

That water hurt.
From the side, it looked like a feather.
but from where I was standing,
I saw claws.
My sister was dragged along the walk,
not by hands, but by the hose,
and it was strong.
No one could see anything for a few seconds-
those seconds lost in the water-
faces disappeared.
My sister and me put on bathin' suits,
and those around us did the same-
there were tears.
We stood up and began walking forward,
our hands were clasped together,
we were free.
But there was nothing they could do to our resolve,
or to take away from us what we made-
our castle in the sky.

The End

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