Wandering wonder

My thoughts


                                         I wonder often...


                                         why do I feel this way

                       why do I not understand they closest thing to me



is it that we truly don't know the world and the living space in it as well as we think

or is it that some will never find out but all the others rest in the peace 

of their own treasured knowledge...

 knowledge only being able to be carried as far as a person will bear it's weight

 and to carry all of knowledge would be to carry all of a mountain on your back

 so for us this is impossible because even a pebble seems to push us to the ground

and if only a pebble can cause of to falter, wouldn't that mountain crush us?

but maybe in being crushed you are also vindicated

vindicated because you became the one who valued knowledge more than your own life

                                                which one is more valuable?

                                                   each person must decide 

                                                        no one can tell them

                                                       no one can teach them

                                                      no one can see for them

                                                   It's an individual prerogative

but how many times we try to be the prerogative to the person next to us

what a crucial mistake against humanity

for in stealing a person's right to free will and choice you chain the

beauty that is meant to be unleashed 

you make them a prisoner while you make yourself a ghost

a ghost because in chaining another person you loose yourself

                        for one human can only bear the weight of one human paradigm 



The End

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