The Only Exception

I woke up to find the picture of us on the side table.  We were smiling at each other. 

Surely I was in love.  But does love really happen? 

 My dad loved my mom and guess what happened?  She left him.  If he loved her and she knew, why did she leave him alone?  I guess that is why I'm afraid to fall in love, but yet I already have.

I picked up my cell and dailed the guy in the picture's number.

As the phone rang looked at the picture.

There had been many other guys, but none of them I really liked this guy.  He was everything I could dream of.

Many people had solid marriages.  I had seen many marriages anyway.  They seemed very happy...

We were so happy...

"Hello?  Beth?"

"Jacob! Um..."


"Yeah, but you are the only exception."

The End

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