Dear God,

You are stronger than I'll ever be!  You bore the cross with all my sin and shame on it.  No man, whoever he may be, wouldn't have been able to do that.  No super hero, however strong, couldn't have been able to do it!

But God you are my superhero.  For you not only died for sin, but you came back! You rose from death and gave me enough strength to carry on with my life.

Without you, what would life be?  Lower than dirt itself!  It would be unclean water in my mouth.

You are stronger than I am. 

In time of weakness, you came out of the dark and becme light.

You were a babe that was born to a middle class family, but became even lower than that, so that the people may have a hope!

You were the hope for the hopeless.

You were love for those who had none.

You were the strength for the weak.

But you are all those things still and for always, LORD.

You are stronger.

The End

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