Wallowing to SoaringMature

Want to wallow? It'll make you feel better!

If you don't want me, why do you stick around?
If you don't like me, why do you pretend?
If I'm not good enough, then why do you keep me?
Wouldn't it be easier to just tell me, send me off, kick me out? 
You'd prefer to keep me, make me miserable with no life left.

I have nothing you want, so why do you keep taking, taking
You keep taking all I have, all my hope,
Sucking it out of me until there's nothing left,
Soon I will be in emotional poverty.

I am this because you treated me like this,
You have reduced me to this,

If you treated me like a I would be a monster,
But you treated me like a baby, so I acted like one.
And now I am the mouse.

But this mouse will fight back. I am the mouse, you are the lion and the mouse is screaming and shouting,
This mouse will fight on behalf of all the mice,
And this mouse is fighting harder.

I am an angel, though I may look like the devil.

I am beautiful, no matter what you say,
I am a princess, I don't care what you say. 

The End

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