Day Three

After breakfast it was time to cast off and we left the port at 0930. As we were leaving, we passed the submarine that we had had to move for as it arrived.

Once we were out at sea, we set the sails. This improved the motion but there was still a fair roll. Then it was happy hour. The starboard watches were below decks. I swept the decks. I was all right until I got to the bar. Bending down to sweep behind it, I felt a bit rough and had to go up on deck to get some fresh air.

After lunch I sat on the deck in bright sunshine. I chatted with other members of the crew and helped the Bosun’s Mates with sanding and chipping rust.

There was another emergency drill and the permanent crew held a fire fighting exercise. A ‘victim’ (Headless Fred, the ship’s dummy) was in the forward accommodation and had to be rescued by the 2nd Officer and Bosun wearing breathing apparatus.

Early dinner as on late dog watch (1800-2000). We still carried on heading southwest along the Spanish coast. Everyone had a go at helming and kept watch. The weather was dry but cooling. Finished the watch at 2000 and went down to the bar before a shower and bed.

The End

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