Day Two

Up at 0715 for breakfast at 0800. Issued with safety harness and oilies. Assorted briefings and emergency drills. This was followed by our first lesson in ropes split into our watches (I’m Aft Starboard). Some Spanish journalists came aboard and interviewed some of the permanent and voyage crew and took the usual pictures of the ship. When they had gone it was ‘hands aloft’. Those of the voyage crew, who felt confident enough, climbed the rigging to the first platform of the main mast to get ready for when it would be done for real. Whilst they were doing this, I tried to fix the Chief Engineer’s laptop but the floppy drive was u/s. After lunch some of the crew went into Alicante. The weather slowly improved and warmed up. Spent most of the afternoon sat on the forward deckhouse roof enjoying the sunshine The skipper informed us that a Spanish submarine was coming in and we’d have to move about 150m further down the dock. The berth we were to move to was occupied by a Guardia Civille launch and we had to wait for them to move before we could. They finally moved at 1700. Things definately move slower in Spain! I wasn’t too bothered as it gave me more time lounging on the deckhouse roof.

After dinner we went into Alicante for a drink. I ordered a beer and was surprised when a porcelain mug turned up with what looked like cappuccino in it. It was the beer in a chilled mug – so the beer stayed cold longer. I went to bed at 2200 as I was on harbour watch at 0400!

Woken up at 0340 and went on watch. It had rained but was drying now. It was 12°C with light winds. It was a pretty uneventful watch. The submarine hadn’t arrived and the Guardia Civille launch had gone. The only activity was the Port Police patrol driving up and down the quay. Back to bed at 0600 and up at 0800.


The End

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