Vast Blue Sky

The sun sets, signalling

the end of day.

The stars will soon come out

and slay our gloom.

Then silence will descend

and peace... will... reign...



Our lives, our lives

all mapped out by that

vast blue sky.

Our fates, our dreams -

thoughts entwined in mystic powers’ minds.


Emotions running high:

the love intense;

The look is passionate

between the eyes.

The heart is fit to burst

like deep... pink... rays...




The light’s exploding, see?

The colours race;

They reach for Heaven’s heights

Where angels soar.

The dusk falls silently

so far... be...-low...




I sit here on the grass;

I’m all alone.

But maybe magically

my life will change.

The sun sets in the sky -

I’ll shine... like... stars...


Solar symbols, lunar meanings.

as...-tral... signs...

will the hopes of lonely people

find their place

in cotton clouds?




Our lives are mapped out by a vast blue sky.

The End

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