Vaporized Lies

Watch as I pressurize

Lies, rising invisibly to meet their demise

Like water vaporized

I don’t know you guys

But I’m taking off my disguise

To say hey! without the need to reprise

Make sure

You take your

Stature in nature

And set something

In said cement--

Write whether you are a wed gent,

A surfer dude sleeping under a tent,

A nerdy rude lady or a girl who sleazed out of rent

Being perfect or divine, for us, was never really meant

To be

So see

Believing that you are the epitome

Of immaculate, better than so drastic,

Reveals you as a half wit 

Sitting rocking coldly alone and lonely

Eventually you'll see clearly

Heed this advice. Do you hear me?

The End

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