Vampy and Me

I ran the fastest my legs could possibly go and didn’t dare look back. I smelt someone next to me. Briee.

We both saw the finish point.  


I saw the mirror and immediately ran into it before analysing myself. I ran my index fingers over my eye lids, admired the beautiful shade of blue. I ran them a few more times to get a darker shade before moving onto my cheeks. I lightly swiped my cheeks a few times to get the pink back. I moved onto the lips. I lightly brushed over them with my fingers.

My curls had faded so I shook my head a few times before flicking my curled hair behind my ears. My eye lashes had lost its curl so I quickly brushed them with my fingers. Everything was back to normal.


I was starting to rearrange my dress when a random girl came in.


From the mirror I saw the usual astonishment on her face. I grinned before continuing to adjust my dress.

“Excuse me, are you Heather?” I would be lying if I told you I wasn’t surprised at her. Lower years never talked to us. Moreover, who doesn’t know who I was in the school; she must have been living in a cave.

I merely nodded before going back to my white square-neck pleated dress; I adored this dress especially because Alice brought it for me last Christmas.


Alice has such exquisite fashion styles, she always made Bella, herself and Rosalie look extremely breath-taking to look at.

Speaking of Alice, I haven’t seen the Cullen’s since the battle with The Volturi over Nessie; I wonder how they all are.


The girl bursted my memory bubble. This girl gave me a weird aura. She wasn’t like the normal humans.


“Sorry to disturb you again but how long does it normally take you to curl your hair and do your entire make up?” I had to think about this. How long do normal humans take on their looks? It normally takes me around one to two seconds but I guess they have it differently.


“I don’t really tend to time myself but I have to wake up quite early in the morning to get my hair curled.” I saw the expected facial expression on her before going back to the mirror. She gives me an uneasy feeling within. She seemed pretty human to me, she smelt kinda human but there was something about her that didn’t fit as being human. I was intrigued by her. She was almost one of a kind.

Something ringed in my head…


Briee was thirsty!


She was staring at the girl. She fixed onto her.

I quickly glanced at her. Her pupils started to disappear behind the now blood-red colour of her eyes. I immediately grabbed hold of her right hand before glaring deep into her eyes and whispered ‘get out’. She de-fixed from the girl and stormed out.

The girl didn’t notice the absence.  

The End

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