Vampire Love Song



I feed from you and you fed from me

Until I was you and you were me

When I’m hurt it’s you that aches

When you cry its me that breaks

Even miles apart

I feel you

I feel for you

And I will come

And I will run to you

I will run, run to you

I will always come for you


God will test us he says

The devil will tempt us

Can you handle it

Will you break

Your watching my forehead too closely

Looking for the smallest drop of sweat but there is none

Look in my eyes and you will see

I made a vow and I will see it through

I,m not the leaving kind




He’s afraid of what may come

What was written in the stars

But I have these two hands

They were made to take on the world

I’m not afraid of what may come

Let them do there worse

They will anyway

I’m not afraid of mortal men

What about immortal men?

He whispers, What do you make of that?




Lets go through hell and back

Lets bring heaven on earth

And lets cry rivers and doubt the merit of going on

Be soft as silk or hard as rock

This is tough red blooded love

Built and fortified by two

Two that stand together

I will come for you


No matter what’s gunnin for you

I will stand beside you

I will not break

I will not bend

The End

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